Summer 7s Season*

*Say that 5 times fast!

What is 7s?

Unlike the regular spring and fall seasons, summer is usually focused on the style of rugby where teams consist of 7 players instead of 15 and games consist of two 7-minute halves instead of 40-min halves. Matches are played on the same sized fields, but because there are less than half the number of people, players are more spread out. Time is also of the essence so momentum generally changes much more quickly than 15s. Much less emphasis is put on big hits and rucks, giving way to longer passes, evasion of contact, and more sprinting. More often than not, 1- or 2-day tournaments are held rather than single matches due to the short match times.

Find out more information about 7s rugby here.

Who are the Queen City Jesters?

The Queen City Jesters are the 7s alter-ego of the Charlotte Royals. Because 7s season tends to be a break or vacation time for many players, members from multiple teams sometimes join together for tournaments to make up a full squad. So we open up membership on the Jesters to players that would otherwise be playing under a different name. 7s is a more social, fluid environment so we figured "Jesters" was appropriate!

How do I participate?

Good question! Once our 15s season ends, we hold practices once a week on Tuesdays from 7-830 at Cordelia Park. We try to attend 3-4 tournaments each summer in or around the Carolinas. For more information about upcoming tournaments, check out our schedule or our Facebook page.

If you'd like to play on the Jesters for the summer, summer dues are the cost of your jersey ($46) which you get to keep after the season's over. If you'd like to order a jersey, please contact us ASAP to get your order in before the May 25th deadline. After that date, if you'd still like to participate in a tournament, dues will be $20 per tournament.

2015 Tournaments

6/13 - Columbia Ta-Ta's 7s - Columbia, SC

6/27 - Queen City 7s - Charlotte, NC

7/18 - Beer City 7s - Asheville, NC

7/25 - Pitch-a-Tent 7s - Lafayette, GA